We want players to have fun and be safe when playing Minecraft online with others, and as such, we have implemented moderation features such as permanent bans. From time to time a moderator may impose a ban on players who breech community guidelines, or to prevent a situation escalating. If you believe you have received a ban unfairly or in error, please use this form to appeal the ban. Be specific about time, server, location, events etc

Violations that may result in permanent bans include: 

  • hate speech
  • sexual content and soliciting improper contact 
  • real-life threats 
  • exposing the personal information of others 
  • posting links to malicious software 
  • impersonating staff 
  • cheating/exploits (this includes anything that would negatively affect another person’s gameplay experience) 
  • general commercial spamming

Please Remember:

  • Respect is our primary guideline
  • Access to this server is given freely, but we do reserve the right to restrict access
  • All server interactions are logged by the server, this includes in game chat, removal of items from chests, placing and breaking blocks etc
Your Minecraft playername
We need your email to contact you on the decision of your appeal