What we are about…

We want to promote game play that respects the game of others, and in turn our own is respected. With that in mind the following guidelines exist. If you have any question feel free to ask staff, or contact us using the contact form.

Whats expected…

Firstly all are welcome here, but we do reserve the right to ban accounts for causing problems or behaving inappropriately
Respect is the number one rule
Common sense is rule number two

Just because we don’t have a rule for it doesn’t give the right to to disrespect other players and their work or behave like an idiot

We will try to keep these guideline fair and as up to date as possible and we reserves the right to update any rule, as necessary. It is the player’s responsibility to read and follow, and ask questions if they don’t understand. But most importantly it is up to each player to help make this server our shared Minecraft Home

If someone is causing issues and you have tried to resolve it peacefully yourself then contact staff or use the contact form outlining what happened, time and server

Don’t be inappropriate or creepy

  • Keep Chat clean and friendly and PG appropriate
  • Stay in game, don’t ask other players for their personal (IRL) information
  • Use appropriate character skins
  • Build skillfully, don’t build anything inappropriate
  • Do not cause public drama – respect
  • Do not advertise or promote other servers

No Raiding, Griefing, or Stealing


  • Stealing items from another player’s chest
  • Breaking blocks belonging to another player
  • Causing damage to another player’s build in any manner

If it’s not your’s don’t break, touch or take

Respect the Game

  • No Hacking, Cheating, Exploiting, or Abusing the Server
    Do you really need that cheat, mod, macro, exploit to keep up? That’s sad
  • Server resources are shared, don’t try crash the server or create intense lag-generating events or machines.
    Staff may contact you if your build exceeds the limit and is affecting server performance


Appeal a ban here