Our Servers

Our servers are located in Christchurch, New Zealand.
To maximize performance and uptime we use dedicated Hardware. Network lag can be a significant issue for our New Zealand players when hosting overseas, and in 2018 our server was relocated back to NZ.
This helps us provide rock solid performance with average ping for NZ and Aus between 20-50ms. Sorry to our Northern Hemisphere players…it’s just really hard to get good gaming service down under.

Server styles…

Currently we have a number of servers and game styles.


The economy system is shared across the network, and most servers have shops.
Rewards and server credits are earned for voting, completing challenges, doing jobs, PVP server wins, MineZ server mob kills etc. Credits can be redeemed in the /shop in your favorite server, used as currency to trade with other players, or purchase more land claims.
The exceptions are creative worlds have no economy and Nightmare has no shop…you really are on your own