Playing Minecraft Survival  is one of the main game modes. Players must collect resources, build structures, battle mobs, eat, and explore the world in an effort to survive. Our server is designed to provide a SMP (survival multiplayer) experience. This enables players to interact with each other and work together, or against each other depending on context.
Some of our servers are PVP (players can damage and kill other players). It is up to the players to decide on those servers to friends or enemies. However, respect is the number one rule here. If you dish it, expect it.
Remember it’s a game, be a good sport.

Survival Worlds

Some of the survival worlds we currently have online…


Castaway is hard vanilla survival. It is very much what you would get if you shared your world with friends.
On this world players can steal and kill, so we recommend it for the purists who appreciate the game in it’s native form and experienced players who can handle themselves in the challenge of a PVP environment.

So build wisely, stay safe, beware of cannibals, make friends if you can.

  • DIfficulty: Hard Vanilla
  • PVP on
  • KeepInv off
  • Raid


Co-Op develops the shared play and community aspect of Minecraft. You can take on a job, trade with other players, build farms, towns etc. It has become the go to place for group builds, mob farms and projects. Players work together co-operatively (co-op) and help each other.
It’s a great place to start if you are new to Minecraft survival, just want a chill game style, or enjoy the community aspect of shared play

  • Difficulty: Normal Vanilla
  • PVP disabled
  • KeepInv is on
  • Mob griefing is off
  • Jobs
  • Land claims
  • and server shop available

The Wild:

Similar to Castaway, but with more server features enabled. The play style developed in The Wild is the hunting aspect. Collect heads and build a trophy wall in you wilderness mansion. PVP is on, but bases can be protected with land claims.

  • Difficulty: Hard Vanilla
  • PVP enabled
  • KeepInv off
  • Claims protection
  • HeadHunting/Mobhunting
  • Jobs and server shop available


This is player vs environment in the extreme. Sure, there are harder servers than this out there. But this one is special. As wulfpupnz put it “Nightmare is on the bleeding edge of actually playable”
It has been played through by wulfpupnz and splatage to prove it can be done – but only once.
If you attempt this server you are on your own. Seriously. Don’t cry or ask staff for help when you die on your last life with all your gear.
And you will die…over and over and over, most players within a few blocks of spawn.
If you persist and master survival strategies you learn to love it. Then it will ruin every other survival server for you.

This is for true survivors only. Those who take the dragon in Nightmare will be awarded VIP rank and be added to the trophy wall in the Lobby – that’s how highly this server and those who master it are regarded.

  • Difficulty: Extreme
  • PVP
  • KeepInv off
  • Limited Lives, die five times you are banned for 24 hours
  • Thirst will kill you, water must be boiled
  • Falls will break bones
  • If you don’t dress and stay close to a source of warmth the cold will kill you
  • Carry too much and it will slow you down and drown you
  • Zombies slow you, Skeletons blind you, Endermen teleport you to them to attack you
  • Mobs within visible range can track you
  • Herobrine is hunting you
  • Credits are earned though mob kills, but of course there wouldn’t be a shop! They can be used on other servers