Getting Started

The server is Java and supports cross play with Bedrock Edition clients!
Server address: Connect using either or
Version: 1.17.1

Configuring your Java Minecraft Client is really easy..
You can find a detailed guide on how to setup your Minecraft client here


Once you have Joined, getting about is really easy.

  • The server is really a network of connected servers, each hosting it’s own world, game style, rules etc. When you first connect you join a central server called the Lobby. The Lobby has portals labeled with the various servers and games styles. Entering these portals will take you to a game server.
  • To return to the lobby from a server just type the command /lobby or /hub
  • Members can jump directly to servers using the command /server <servername>. This also gives access to testing and development servers unconnected to portals
  • Each server has a starting point called “the spawn point”. When you die in game this is where you return to. Sleeping in a bed changes your spawn point to the bed.
  • Members can set multiple points using the /sethome /home commands
  • /goto <playername> will take you to that players server
  • /tpa <playername> will send a request to teleport to the player. They can /tpaccept and you will teleport directly to them



When you first visit your rank will be Visitor. As a visitor there will be some limits on available commands, interactions with some blocks or servers. The genuine players won’t notice, and you will still be able to enjoy most of the server features. Unfortunately, there are idiots out there who like to cause problems and this small precaution keeps the casual griefer out


Once you settle in and start playing for a while, staff will increase your access to Member level. You will have access to commands. The best way to become a member is to get on and play. and let staff know you would like to be a Member.

Other levels

VIP, Mod, Adminthese exist for players who have responsibilities, or to acknowledge significant contributions

There is no pay to win mechanics. How please consider donating – that type of pay to win, everyone wins

Grief Protection

Our servers run a combination of land claim mechanics and data logging. Land claims give players the ability to protect their builds and control who has access to their claimed area.
Data logging is a secondary layer of protection intended to allow admins to rollback data if/when needed.
However, having these doesn’t make deliberate destruction, stealing and general bad behavior ok. It just reduces the burden on staff to deal with idiots. See the rules page for more information

In Game Commands

The majority of ourselves have in game commands which enhance, or protect your game. It help to spend time to understand some of them and what they do.

  • Economy commands/balance
    • /pay
    • /sell
    • /worth
    • /shop
    • /sellall
    • /sellallitem
    • /sellallhand
    • /jobs browse
  • Communication
    • /mail
    • /msg
    • /near
    • /tpa
    • /tpaall
    • /tpacancel
    • /tpaccept
    • /chwho
    • /setchannel
    • /channelinfo

  • Navigation commands
    • /server <servername>
    • /lobby /hub
    • /spawn
    • /compass
    • /home
    • /sethome
    • /delhome
    • /find
    • /goto
    • /list
  • Other
    • /help
    • /helpop
    • /kit
    • /disposal
    • /rules
    • /plan player self
    • /plan ingame self
    • /plan register self
    • /plan unregister self
    • /vote /votegui


Other useful tools…

Discord: Discord is a communication platform design with Gaming in mind. We maintain a discord for general discussion, and in game chat

Player Stats: Are you curious about your mob kills, PVP wins, average ping, online time, favorite server and other in game stats?
Use our stats portal at