Fight Club

Fight Club server is designed to provide all your pvp fixes in one place!
One of the most frequent complaints I hear from pvp players is the lack of NZ pvp and practice servers. International server’s usually have network latency (ping) that make it extremely difficult to be competitive. Ping for survival is annoying, but for pvp it’s game breaking.


Complete practice facilities with bots and duels with arenas covering the majority of pvp skills to full on battle arenas for up to 50 players at a time

  • Daily auto events and Friday Night Fight Club
  • Competitive duels/koth/lms with ELO rank scoring
  • Over 30 practice kits, 30+ practice arenas
  • Sumo/boxing/koth/lms/mlgrush/skywars/uhc/soup/gapple/debuff/nodebuff
  • 10 Hungergames arenas
  • 4 Bedwars arenas

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